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Gemini Man

Gemini Man (2019) เจมิไน แมน

Gemini Man

Gemini Man Henry Brogan is a 51-year old former Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper who is employed as an assassin for the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is assigned to kill a bio-terrorist on a train that is in Belgium. Henry is aware by his spotter that a young girl was approaching his target. He shoots the man in the neck, despite trying to shoot at his head. This causes him to delay his shot. In dismay, Henry retires.

In Buttermilk Sound, Georgia, Henry is introduced to the manager of the boat rental Danny and makes contact with his former friend Jack, who reveals that an informant named Yuri says that the victim on the train was innocent. Henry insists on proof, and Jack organizes a meeting with Yuri. Henry wants proof, and Lassiter, the agency director is planning to murder Henry. Clay Varris is director of a rogue private army company known as “GEMINI” however, he is not allowed to do so.

Henry finds out that Danny is a fellow agent sent by the government to monitor him. He then befriends her. Henry uses his spotter to call after his house is robbed by government agents. Jack and his mistress are also killed. Henry warns Danny and they kill the assassins that chase them, realizing that the agency would like them to both die.

Henry and Danny flee to Colombia together with Baron Henry’s former friend. They hide at Baron’s home and plan to meet with Yuri. Clay dispatches his top assassin on Henry’s behalf. In the process of battling him, Henry realizes the assassin is a complete resemblance himself as an innocent young man. The assassin arrives at an uninvolved location and is revealed to Clay’s adopted son Junior. Junior is intrigued by Henry’s similarities, is ordered to carry out the mission.

Danny believes that the assassin might be Henry’s child, in spite of Henry’s denials. Desperate for answers, Henry has Baron obtain a Gulfstream and transport them to Hungary. Danny discovers that Henry and his DNA was identical when the DNA test was conducted by Junior. Henry is introduced to Yuri to find out about GEMINI’s cloning program. The man he killed was a scientist who had devised a way to create clones that are free from pain and emotion.

Henry calls Lassiter and he accepts to send Junior to help bring Danny safely back to the United States. After capturing Danny, Junior sets up an escape plan for Henry, who is warned by a secret listening device hidden in Danny’s mouth. Junior is attacked by Henry and he reveals to Junior that they are clones, and that they have similar traits.

After escaping to GEMINI heartbroken Junior faces Clay, who claims that the only way to win is to defeat Henry in order to defeat him. Junior will join Henry in bringing down Clay. Henry then urges Junior to quit in order to become a better person. Clay demands Baron to kill Baron, and Junior knocks Clay unconscious during a quick hand-to-hand battle.

After defeating an array of GEMINI agents, Henry, Danny, and Junior face another seemingly unstoppable operative with specific body armor. They inflict a fatal wound on him, and he is identified as a younger replica of Henry without emotion and ability to feel pain. Clay who is now defeated is attempting to justify his actions before Junior. Clones that have Henry’s talents could save lives of soldiers and make operations very successful. Junior is devastated and plans to shoot Clay. But Henry convinces him to change his mind and ends up killing Clay.

Assured that no more replicas were made and that they’re finally free, Henry later meets with Junior, who has enrolled in college under the assumed identity of “Jackson Brogan” after Henry’s mother’s surname. Together, Henry and Danny plan Jackson’s future.


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